voice healing

Want to work with me one on one?  Voice healing is for those who want to get to know their voice better. I offer an accepting and safe environment for us to dig into the topic, your voice, how to use it and how to feel comfortable doing it. This is not a traditional singing-lesson, but I adjust my sessions according to the needs of the participant. I base my teaching on my several years experience working as a professional singer and my individual studies in the field of self improvement, acceptance and self-love.

How will voice healing work in your benefit?

-Help you use your voice in a more natural way
-Encourage you to express yourself authentically
-Open up a new tool for working with self-acceptance and self-love
-Help you get in touch with your emotions
-Encourage you to sing in the shower, the car and at your best friends wedding 🙂

Are you a professional singer?  I will adjust my tools to your needs. This tool is all about rooting you back to your own true voice and feeling the power of your own voice.

Don’t hesitate to contact me and ask me anything you are wondering about.I’m available for workshops if required and I work in Finnish, Swedish and English.

Fee: 50€/ 60min session.

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